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Journal of Information and Intelligence is committed to publishing rigorously peer-reviewed, high-quality, original results and authoritative reviews of both fundamental and applied research in the area of information and intelligence, aiming at providing a unique interdisciplinary platform to …

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Special issues and article collections

Boyhood in 21st Century Educative Contexts

Edited by Garth Stahl, Amanda Keddie, Laura Scholes
3 July 2024

Rethinking educational practices and responsibilities in the light of digitalisation

Edited by Lisa Paleczek, Eva Pölzl-Stefanec, Kathrin Otrel-Cass
15 September 2022

Neoliberalism, Education Inequity and Improvement

Edited by Tien-Hui Chiang, Alison MacKenzie
22 July 2022

Motivation of Higher Education Faculty: Theoretical Approaches, Empirical Evidence, and Future Directions

Edited by Martin Daumiller, Robert Stupnisky, Stefan Janke
22 July 2022

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The Journal of Information and Intelligence is a companion title of the Journal of Information and Intelligence is an open access, peer-reviewed journal which draws contributions from a wide community of international and interdisciplinary researchers …

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